Getting your first job after college

We asked Louisa, a graduate of Oxford Media & Business School, how she got her first job after graduation. Why did you choose OMBS?  Leaving school in 2016, I was unsure of what my next step in life would be. I had always intended to take a Gap Year and...

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Why having the right workplace skills are so important

We asked Claire Grey for her ideas about Oxford Media & Business School and her relationship with the College. How long have you worked with OMBS?    Emily Bain and I have had a strong link with OMBS for over 20 years, and are so proud to have been instrumental in establishing a direct...

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How to train to be a great PA

Hello! My name is Laura, I have just graduated from Oxford Media & Business School where I did the a one-year intensive Executive PA Diploma. During this course I’ve learnt all sorts of skills which are required if you choose to become a PA after OMBS. Important personality traits of...

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