Studying, relaxing, socialising, sleeping, eating and good accommodation.

These are key ingredients of both an enjoyable stay in Oxford and a successful course.

We take the well-being of our students extremely seriously and understand the importance of a good student accommodation.


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Student Houses

Most students choose to stay in one of our various student houses, all of which are located within easy walking or cycling distance of the college. Typically, these houses will each accommodate between four and six students, providing each with their own private bedroom, with shared kitchen, bathroom and living facilities.

It is the style of our houses and where they are located in Oxford that gives our students a true university style experience.  These areas of the city are popular with students from Oxford Brookes and Oxford University and are full of bars, restaurants, shops and cinemas. The college has a portfolio of comfortable student houses around the city; some in fashionable Jericho, others in the lively area around the Cowley Road, and in Marlborough Road.

Students live independently and take responsibility for their houses and the way they live. We allocate students to houses before the course starts and provide them with comprehensive information when they arrive. We maintain the houses to a high standard and help our students when things might need attention.

The students are all responsible for the day to day running of the house.  It is a great learning experience as they have to keep it clean, pay the bills, organise the internet and sort out any differences. All of this is a great preparation for when they have to find their own flat share when they start working.

Teaching finishes at 13.00 on Fridays so students enjoy a reasonably long weekend either relaxing in Oxford, heading home, visiting friends or competing in sporting events.

We are able to offer the following types of accommodation:

  • Self-catering £2,575 per term
  • Self-catering ensuite (non-Jericho) £2,690 per term
  • Self-catering Jericho area £2,775 per term
  • Self-catering Jericho area ensuite £2,890 per term

The information above is correct at the time of publishing; however the college reserves the right to alter fees at its discretion.