The right last minute decision could make a difference to your career

We asked some of our students why they applied so late to enrol for the Professional Business Diploma here at Oxford Media & Business School. It seems that indecision, as well as too many options, resulted in a bit of a “rabbit in a headlight” response.  Here are just some of the comments from our students who successfully graduated this year.  Clearly they made the right decision!

“My decision came late because I had just graduated from university the week before and was undecided what I wanted to do next. I loved my degree and do not regret it at all as I have gained valuable skills and enjoyed life in Bath. I chose this course as a way to further add to my skill set and make me even more employable. I had heard of the course through friends so I researched into the course and spoke to Sarah Badger and arranged an interview for the following week. After meeting with Andrea I decided almost instantaneously that I wanted to confirm my application” Georgia

A lucky find

“If I had been aware of this course (skills and uni experience without going to university) when I left school two years ago, I definitely would have applied sooner, but it was just down to the fact that I didn’t even know this course existed! Lots of internships and other alternatives to university came and spoke at my school, but nothing like OMBS” – Victoria

“I came back from travelling and was undecided what to do next so I researched business colleges and this was the one which appealed to me the most. I had never heard of OMBS before so I rang up and spoke with Andrea and Sarah, then came to have an interview and a tour around” Emily

Gap Year? University? Career?

“I joined OMBS late as I did not get into university to do the course that I wanted. I planned to use OMBS as a Gap Year and I was going to apply to university when I finished the course. However, I have changed my plans because I have gained all the advanced skills I need to get a job” Katy

“I did apply late, and this was for a few reasons. I hadn’t applied to uni and it was, at that stage too late, and I also still didn’t know what I wanted to study. It was either going to be this course or a foundation year in Art and I was deciding between the two. I was about to head off to South Africa as a last trip on my Gap Year, and was advised by Andrea (having already had my interview with her) that I could use that time to decide whether I wanted to apply to this course or not. It was a very last minute decision because I didn’t want to risk ‘wasting’ a year contemplating what to do next. I thought that I would get this course under my belt and then take it from there with an extra years’ worth of experience and skills” Emma

“I had just dropped out of going to uni and came to a bit of a stop and didn’t know what to do; this was the week before the course started! My second cousin did the course a few years ago and I’d recently spoken to her about it. I decided instead of getting odd jobs at home until I realised what what to do next, I should just apply last minute and see if there was any chance I could enrol. I’d heard good reviews and thought that as I was very confused which sector I wanted to go into, I should do the course to help me find out. Definitely the best decision I’ve ever made” Tiz

No more exams

“I was very undecided on what to do and I had been thinking about the course for a while and I made the decision to enrol at the end of my A levels. My friend suggested to the course to me having heard Andrea talk about it at her school. I was thinking about going to university but I didn’t want to do exams again” Beth

Oxford Media & Business School offers a 9-month Professional Business Diploma for ambitious students who want to start their career within 3 terms rather than 3 years; for students who are looking for a practical and positive Gap Year in Oxford; and for university graduates who want to add these skills to their academic qualification. Contact Sarah Badger, our Registrar, for more details about the course or explore this website for a full understanding of a great year living the university student lifestyle in Oxford. Tel: 01865 240963 Email:

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