Getting your first job after college

We asked Louisa, a graduate of Oxford Media & Business School, how she got her first job after graduation.

Why did you choose OMBS? 

Leaving school in 2016, I was unsure of what my next step in life would be. I had always intended to take a Gap Year and use the time to gain some work experience, fill my pockets and spend some time seeing different parts of the world. With a deferred offer to university to study Events and Marketing, but pretty set on the idea that I didn’t want to spend another three or four years in education, I set to looking at other options, as prompted by my Mum who somehow knew that university wouldn’t be the right place for me.

Having looked at a couple of events and business courses, I came to the conclusion that Oxford and OMBS would be the best place for me, along with the fact that I had some friends going too. Being a country girl and having never spent more than four consecutive days in a city, Oxford was also a great introduction to city life before moving to London!

When you graduated from OMBS, did you know what you wanted to do? 

Graduating in July 2018, I knew that I wanted to work in a small, intimate company where everyone knows each other but in terms of industry, I was pretty open. I did know however, that I wanted to work somewhere where I could use and develop the skills that I learnt at OMBS as well as doing something that I have an interest in.

How did you get your job? 

I had a few temporary jobs and holidays lined up over the summer after graduating which meant that I couldn’t really start looking for a permanent job until mid-August plus, living up in Scotland, it was quite hard to arrange interviews! I registered with one of the consultants at Joyce Guiness on Facetime and we discussed the sort of environment and role I thought I would like and would match my personality. We had a great discussion and the next day I was sat in the office meeting everyone in the team. I was back in London a month later to meet everyone again and have been here ever since!

Why did you choose to work at Joyce Guiness over other companies? 

I interviewed for a role at another recruitment agency as well as a couple of Estate Agents and, with the culture and fit being a huge part of the recruitment process for both clients and candidates, the culture felt perfect for me when I walked into the office. Being interviewed by each person, we all got on and it was very relaxed and just what I wanted. After this, the other interviews and companies that I went to just didn’t match up. I was also offered the opportunity to use all my skills developed at OMBS as well as doing the marketing, which is of course what I had originally wanted to do. I’ve even managed to work some events into the role.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love the variety in my job and that I am able to manage my own work. When required by the consultants, I am always on hand to meet and greet candidates and add them to the database, however when I am not supporting them I focus on discovering new blog, social media and event ideas. Plus we are also all foodies and love a quick discussion and what we’ve been eating and new things to try.

What advice would you give to people looking for jobs? 

Take your time. If you are graduating from OMBS, there is no huge rush to move to London or wherever it is you are going. There are always jobs available and it can take time to find the right one for you. It can be a long process, but enjoy your summer, go to as many interviews as possible and experience different industries. I interviewed at suited and booted financial firms, smart dress as well as casual. See which culture you feel most comfortable in, as you might surprise yourself! It is stressful enough moving to a new place and starting your career. Make it easier on yourself by not rushing and choose the perfect role for you.

Louisa graduated in 2018, and is now Office and Social Media Coordinator at Joyce Guiness, a boutique recruitment agency in London –