Combining college and competing – two students describe how they juggled both

We often have students who ride and value the fact that they are able to continue riding whilst doing the Professional Business Diploma. Classes finish at 1.30 pm on Fridays so students often travel home on the weekend for competitions or training. Two of our graduates explain more about their experience here.

Sophie Freeman Photo For Be

Flexibility for competing

“I was accepted into university in London to start after my gap year but made the decision to go to OMBS primarily to learn skills that would be useful in everyday life. I also didn’t want to go through three years of university when I could go to OMBS for nine months and have two years of work experience on top of that before my friends at university even graduate. So it was a simple decision for me!

“I conveniently live 40 minutes away from Oxford, so it became a weekly habit to travel home schooling the eventers before their competitions at weekends.

“ The tutors at OMBS were so understanding about my equestrian pursuits and whilst studying, I was able to event three horses at 3* level. This was hugely down to the support that was offered whilst studying. As I had to take days off for training or competitions, my fellow students and tutors would make sure I was given any tasks I missed so I never got behind with my work. Of course, I had to make sure that deadlines were met on time and this meant I had to be organised and plan thoroughly for each week.

“Despite being as busy as I was, I was still able to experience the student social life, going out in Oxford and meeting up with friends who were studying at Oxford Brookes.

“As an ambitious and driven young rider, I would advise anyone with similar interests to study at OMBS as it gives you the flexibility to still compete and along the way, I met plenty of others with the same interests as me. OMBS has opened so many new doors for me and gives you a great foundation to progress in to working life.” Chelsea – 2019 graduate

Continuing show jumping

“After making the decision not to go to university, I was not sure what route to take. However, I still wanted to experience the student life. During my gap year, I bumped into a friend who had previously studied at OMBS. She highly recommended the course and it sounded very suitable for me  especially having horses. Three years of studying at university did not appeal to me. I wanted to continue show jumping my horses which OMBS has allowed me to do. I have been able to go home every weekend to ride and sometimes during my spare time in the week.

“The one-year course has been everything I have wanted. Oxford is a great city and I have definitely experienced living the university lifestyle. The course has allowed me to start work much sooner than the majority of university students and has made me feel very prepared to enter the workplace. I think OMBS is a great alternative to university and ideal for those with horses!” Georgia – 2019 graduate

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