I chose to come to OMBS having heard a talk from Andrea at my school. I am really, really glad I did as I feel the course has benefited me greatly. It does what it says on the tin!
Rachel, 3 term PA Diploma, July 2015 Leaver

Work Experience Week 2-6 June 2014

Thursday June 5 2014

This week our students have been away taking up work experience placements.

We have been helped by some fantastic recruitment agencies to get these amazing placements.  Thank you to Bain & Gray, Hatty Blue, Angela Mortimer, Joyce Guiness, Anderson Hoare, Afina, Tay Associates, Appointments Bi Language and Secondsite.

It is not long until our students graduate and launch into the working world. To have a week to learn what will be expected of them and begin putting into practice all they have learnt is an invaluable opportunity.

To see a list of companies our students have gone to please click here.

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