The course has taught me new skills that I will carry on using for the rest of my life.
Rosanna, 3 term PA Diploma, July 2017 Leaver

Want to be a Celebrity PA?

Wednesday January 29 2014

Many of our students ask themselves this very question and to help them answer we were delighted to welcome Deborah Shaw to OMBS.

Deborah is the President of the Association of Celebrity Assistants and spoke to all our students at length about what it truly means to be a celebrity PA. 

The discussion was extremely enlightening. For more information on the association please see below.


The Association of Celebrity Assistants, ACA-UK, is a non-profit organisation created and used by Personal Assistants working for high profile individuals from the worlds of film, TV, theatre, music, luxury goods, fashion, beauty, charity, business, politics, art and sport.

Working for a high-profile individual can be exciting and rewarding, but elements of the job can be challenging. Memberhip of the ACA-UK provides access to a network of professional personal assistants with a wealth of experience, contacts and rescources; a valubale community for support. Membership is open to anyone who is currently working for a high profile individual and has done so for the last six months, or has been employed by a high profile individual in the last two years.

The advice the ACA gives for becoming a celebrity PA is this:

“There is no magic formula to becoming a celebrity personal assistant; often it is down to being in the right place at the right time. The best training you can give yourself is to make your work experience as relevant as possible whilst honing your skills to the highest degree. Potential employers will be looking for a strong level of organisation, professionalism and discretion. Working your way up to a senior position will allow you to demonstrate the attributes needed for coping with a demanding position.

Certain industries such as music, film, TV and PR can often present opportunities, however it is down to you to actively search out potential openings. Networking is key! Demonstrate your skills and let people know what your goal is. Word of mouth can be the best way to get your foot in the door and is often how our members have found their opportunities. It may be helpful for you to create an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn ( in order to connect with other professionals and join relevant groups and discussions.”

If you require further information please visit their website - 

We would like to thank Deborah for visiting the college. We were delighted she was able to come and greatly appreciate it.

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