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The last UK typewriter

Tuesday November 20 2012

The BBC has reported that the last typewriter to be manufactured in the UK has now been produced for the final time.  Sadly this brings to an end the long era for the factory in North Wales that has built the Brother typewriters since 1985.  Brother are still making the typewriters but just not in this country.  

Even though technology has changed so that the typewriter is no longer at the forefront of office machinery the art of touch typing is still extremely prevalent and the technique will continue to be taught into the future.  

It will be interesting to see if a totally revolutionary system will be invented in the future that will usurp the keyboard altogether. Until that point OMBS are happy to report that all our students are progressing really well with their touch typing and their speeds are getting stronger each week.  We are still using the trusty keyboard for the time being too.  

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