The quality of help and support from tutors has been exceptional! Would recommend to anyone and everyone.
Rebecca, 3 term PA Diploma, June 2016 Leaver

Recruitment Agencies

Oxford Media & Business School has a close link with recruitment agencies in Oxford and London who visit the college from day one and interview the students at the end of their course or when they are looking to start work.

The college is very proud of this relationship and the agencies get to know our students very well and also help with our Work Experience Programme.

Below are just a few comments that our agencies are saying about us.

Emily Bain, Director at Bain and Gray, London recruitment agency, was the guest speaker at our 2012 Graduation Ceremony where she gave the following speech.

Kate Allen – Allen Associates, Oxford.  "OMBS students are extremely well-presented, well prepared and confident in their interview technique. The course prepares the students with great IT skills and a sound commercial awareness."

Pip Cox – Joyce Guiness, London.  "Here at Joyce Guiness we find the OMBS students of very high calibre. They have had a very good grounding in office systems and IT – they know how to interview, have amazing skills and in fact the OMBS course is a name/”brand” that clients are asking for on CVs. Our clients realise that OMBS students can work their way round a computer, can type, as well as having general business knowledge. They are always fully prepped when we come down to meet them and have some good questions to ask about recruitment and the working world. We find them a joy to work with and welcome any OMBS students to our agency! "

We were also delighted to invite Pip Cox to be our guest speaker at our 2015 Graduation Ceremony.   Click here to read Pip's speech.

Jo Donelan, Director and Co Founder of Hatty Blue Ltd  was the guest speaker at our 2014 Graduation Ceremony where she gave the following speech.

We were delighted to invite Angela Mortimer, of Angela Mortimer Plc recruitment agency, to be the guest speaker at our 2013 Graduation Ceremony where she gave a very informative speech.  "10 Lessons they do not teach you at school that will keep you happy and safe."   To read Angela's speech in full please click here..