The course has been extremely beneficial to me and it has taught me extensive IT skills which made me stand out during work experience week,resulting in being offered a full time job!
Lucy, 3 term PA Diploma, July 2017 Leaver

OMBS Student Helps Medical Research

Wednesday November 27 2013

Our past student Miranda has done a very selfless act and donated her DNA to the medical research programme, Charlotte’s Helix

What is more amazing is that Miranda is the first person to do so in the UK. 

Miranda is a very close friend of Charlotte Bevan so she was more than happy to help.  

The programme is undertaking vital research to discover if there is a gene that specifically predisposes people to an eating disorder. 

The goal is to add at least 1,000 DNA samples to the study and to bring the AN25K genetic initiative to the UK. 

To hear that Miranda is the first to kick start the initiative is amazing. 

Everyone here at OMBS is very proud of her!

Miranda for Charlotte's Helix


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