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OMBS Sponsors a Teacher in Kenya

Thursday April 19 2012

OMBS are proud to announce that we are now sponsoring a teacher in Kenya through the charity Nyumbani UK and the Hot Courses Foundation.

Nyumbani UK is a charity that was founded in 1992 and helps to make a lasting difference to children in Kenya who have either been orphaned or affected by HIV and AIDS. Sadly every fourteen seconds a child is orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa as a result of this devastating disease.

This charity provides the very best medical, psychological and academic support and care that is available. With regard to the academic support this is where OMBS comes in. We have donated £500 to the Hot Courses Foundation who helps Nyumbani UK to find a sponsor for over 350 children by covering the cost of school fees, uniforms, books, school lunches and teachers. Through the money raised 2 schools have been set up: Hot Courses Primary School and Lawson High School.

The UK supporters have made it possible to assist so many more children. Over the last year 30 children have been helped in addition to the building of 2 new teacher’s houses, a sports pitch and a new science lab. It is lovely to hear that through the work of this charity we are now seeing the children graduate. 

Mrs Freeman (Principal) and Jeff Bethray (Bursar) attended a Gala Dinner and Silent Auction at the House of Commons on 29 March 2012. As part of the evening attendees could make pledges in order to make donations directly towards these projects. OMBS has pledged £500 towards helping the teachers at Lawson High School. The money will be directed towards 2 teachers and 1 laboratory technician needed to run the new science laboratory. Through this the future generation of doctor’s and scientist will be created.

If you would like further information please visit or follow them on Twitter (@NyumaniUK).


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