Congratulations! A fabulous Graduation Day

After a year of hard work, determination, great effort, big challenges and a lot of FUN! our students have now graduated and are starting the next chapter of their lives.  Some already have jobs, some are off to university and some want to have a break this summer and start...

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Students celebrate the end of the course

Our students had a fantastic party celebrating the end of their course and their time at Oxford Media & Business School. Some students are celebrating already getting jobs before they graduate! Enjoy great photos of their party on the rooftop of the Varsity Club overlooking the spires of Oxford.  ...

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A day in the life of a student in Oxford

Wake up at 7:45, joking 8:15am, to all of you who can get up at the exact time your alarm tells you to, I salute you! Me being me, I already know what I want to wear, mentally ready! Throw that on and dash to the bathroom. Ready to leave...

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