I chose this course because it was recommended by a friend, it has definitely prepared me for the future and for the work place.
Doone, 3 term PA Diploma, June 2016 Leaver

Lucy Brazier Founder of Executive Secretary Magazine

Monday December 8 2014

On Monday 8 December 2014 OMBS were privileged to welcome Lucy Brazier who is the Founder of Executive Secretary magazine but also in 2014 is the Global Brand Ambassador for the 'International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant’ (IYOTSA). As a Publisher, Motivational Speaker, and Facilitator of Administrative Professional Conferences, Lucy has transformed the way thousands of Assistants think of themselves. She campaigns tirelessly to change the perception of the Assistant role within companies globally and to promote the career progression for Administrative Professionals that they deserve.

Lucy gave an extremely interesting talk which unsurprisingly put Executive Assistants in a very positive light. She was clear to point out that a PA or EA are the inner network and support of a business and make it stronger.

Our students took part in the discussions and put forward their ideas about what the key skills of a PA were: efficient, good at taking the initiative, excellent time management skills, constantly being one step ahead, organised, patient and most importantly have a good sense of humour.  All very important skills. Interestingly Lucy had researched what a boss considered important in a PA: authoritative, can gain respect, excellent communication skills, ability to influence, give direction, have emotional intelligence, leadership qualities, can get results and also has collaboration skills. It is clear from this list that a PA is actually needing the skills very similar to a manager.

Therefore, we must acknowledge that PAs are talented and skilled personnel. No longer is it a career that many fall into but is a recognised choice of a valid and challenging career path.

In light of this, the IYOTSA are wanting to celebrate and promote those whose job titles fall under the category of secretary or administrator, in its many guises. Interestingly over 5% of the world’s population are in jobs of this kind!  

IYOTSA takes place in 2014 with celebrations that aim to raise the profile of the role as a profession, rather than just a job, changing the perception of the secretarial role as purely a support role and explaining how businesses can best use those who are in this role.

The vision is that the organisers are wanting to change the world for Assistants worldwide so that they are recognised for the work that they do. They want Assistants, their businesses, Associations, trainers and companies that support this sector to campaign for the recognition of this role as a profession.

They want to make businesses understand that companies that use the role properly see their Assistants as far more of a strategic business partner these days, rather than as a pure support mechanism. In many cases we are now seeing Heads of Administration included on Boards of companies.

There is a whole network of support for Assistants, including the many groups which are on LinkedIn, but in particular the Executive Secretary magazine. Its purpose is to give administrative professionals worldwide an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. It’s an essential training resource for senior and aspiring administrative professionals. The publication contains no advertising but instead 48 pages of innovative, authoritative, and cutting-edge articles from the world’s most inspiring trainers in every issue. The publication is focused on personal development and empowering readers to succeed through improving skills, knowledge, and productivity while maximizing their contribution to their manager, team, and organization. A must read for all Assistants!

We would like to thank Lucy for taking the time to visit OMBS and for recognising the importance of our Executive PA course. We were her last talk of the year of which she has been the key speaker at 175 conferences in 26 countries. Lucy was quick to congratulate our students for actively seeking high quality training in becoming a PA.




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