I can now apply for jobs which I could never have done before. This is exciting and I feel ready to tackle the workplace.
Morgen, 3 term PA Diploma, July 2017 Leaver

Bain & Gray Agency Visit

Thursday April 16 2015

This week saw a visit from the fantastic recruitment agency Bain and Gray. We were honoured to have Emily and Claire who are the two company owners.

They were interviewing several of our students for Work Experience in May. Emily and Claire very kindly get in touch with their top clients who then take our students for a week. It is a fantastic opportunity and introduces our students to what the work place is truly like.

This is an invaluable opportunity as it provides both interview experience and good networking opportunities for when they graduate this summer. The Work Experience is also essential for gaining that all important insight into the working world. Some even get jobs offers from the companies they go to!

Our students graduate in July and so these interviews are good practice in advance of the ever closer job hunt. They do have extra help as well from an external HR consultant who takes them through a Mock Interview.

Thank you to Emily and Claire for their time on Tuesday.

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