This course has been of great benefit to me, not only by equipping me with indispensable skills for the workplace but by introducing me to a group of girls who will remain long term friends.
Bea, 3 term PA Diploma, June 2016 Leaver

Is University the Right Choice?

Thursday September 13 2012

Laruen Cope, author of a recent article in the Independent newspaper, explains that in 2010-11 66% of graduates gained a 2:1 grade. Whilst a fantastic achievement this grade has, unfortunately, put them in the middle of a pile of CVs when applying for a job. This is because so many more people are going to university and gaining excellent grades. As a result it is much harder for these graduates to find employment and having a degree is no long enough.

In comparison Oxford Media & Business School graduates go straight to the top of the CV pile as a result of the advanced training they receive on the Executive PA Diploma course. One employer, Greg Thompson, looking for a PA, explained our graduate won over tough competition due to her OMBS qualification despite not having the experience of two other potential candidates from the financial services industry. 

By completing the OMBS Executive PA Diploma course in a year this means our graduates can get on their career ladder much faster. They can use their new found skills to find the perfect job and they will as 98% of OMBS graduates gain employment. There are no baristas amongst them!

To read the full article from the Independent please click here.

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