Our graduates have all the skills they need to apply for any role in any business.

Often our students will be applying for the same jobs as university graduates, and yet their CVs will stand out and be seen above those with just academic qualifications. The job market is intensely competitive and employers are looking for those people who have the skills they need from day one.  They do not have the time or budget to train new staff in anything other than the job-specific skills required to do the job. Colleagues hugely welcome a new member of the team who can “hit the ground running”.

During their course students begin to get an idea of which business sectors they might be interested in and which jobs they might like to do. They spend a significant amount of time honing their interview skills and are able to approach each interview feeling capable and confident.

Our Principal, Andrea Freeman, continues to offer career advice and write references long after our students graduate. We also have a strong Alumni network who keep in touch with other past students and are happy to give advice and help to current and recent graduates.

The majority of our students go to London for the start of their career; some travel with their company; others move to other areas of the UK or Europe.

Our graduates continue on into business sectors such as property; public relations; advertising; marketing; HR; digital and social media marketing; hospitality; recruitment; law; finance and investment; fashion; media and event management.