I chose this course because it was recommended by a friend, it has definitely prepared me for the future and for the work place.
Doone, 3 term PA Diploma, June 2016 Leaver


Completing any course of training is always a time of rejoicing.  Here at OMBS we like to celebrate your achievements with you and at the end of your course we hold a Graduation Ceremony where family and friends are invited to join you.

Every student at OMBS is unique and has individual strengths and weaknesses and we like to make sure that upon graduation everyone has fulfilled their own personal potential and is ready to embark on their career ladder.

The Graduation Ceremony is held at St Aldates Church, not far from the College. The students have the opportunity to have a professional photo taken in our OMBS gowns as featured below. Each year we are honoured to have a guest speaker who has close links with OMBS. Please see below for a list of guest speakers and a copy of their speech.



Emily Bain - Bain and Gray recruitment  Emily Bain, Director & Co Founder of Bain and Gray
 Graduation June 2012 Speech

Angela Mortimer - Angela Mortimer PLC Angela Mortimer, Owner of Angela Mortimer PLC
 Graduation June 2013 Speech

Jo Donelan - Hatty Blue Jo Donelan, Director & Co Founder of Hatty Blue Ltd
 Graduation July 2014 Speech


Pip Cox Pip Cox, Managing Director of Joyce Guiness

Graduation July 2015 Speech