The best decision I ever made was coming here. It has been such a good alternative to university.
Millie, 3 term PA Diploma, June 2016 Leaver

Figures drop for NEETS

Thursday February 28 2013

The BBC published an article today entitled ‘Young jobless 'Neets' total falls slightly’. It explains that the statistical figures for the last quarter of 2012 illustrate that young people aged between 16-24 who are ‘not in education, employment or training’ have fallen from 957,000 to 893,000. This is excellent news.  

OMBS is definitely helping these statistics to fall and has been for some time.  We are even ahead of the game as last year School House Magazine wrote a fantastic article for OMBS entitled ‘No NEETS Here’.  To read it in full please click here 

OMBS are proud that 98% of our graduates go on to secure excellent jobs and that we provide the core skills that they need for the modern workplace.  These skills can be used across a wide sector of job types so are extremely versatile.  By providing further education for young people and ensuring excellent job prospects for our students there are definitely no NEETS here!



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