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Facebook v LinkedIn

Wednesday January 21 2015

For many of us LinkedIn is the top choice for business networking and job hunting.

However, Facebook have announced that they are setting up their own version – Facebook at Work

Does this mean that Facebook could overtake LinkedIn? Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere, professor at IE Business School in Madrid, thinks not. 

In his online article in the Harvard Business Review (13 January 2015), he describes this new venture as being ‘geared toward letting people connect and collaborate with colleagues and peers at their current job’. This on the surface appears to focus on a totally different market to LinkedIn. Facebook is covering workplace productivity while LinkedIn is for the headhunting industry. 

If you look at it from a different angle, there are more followers on Facebook than LinkedIn (864 million v 300+ million respectively). Therefore, since 50% of jobs are not advertised and it’s about who you know, it could make more sense to use Facebook as your job searching network. 

Sampere points out that neither companies are actually doing enough to promote these ‘hidden employment opportunities’. The angles are all wrong since Facebook is all about your private life and LinkedIn promotes the candidate looking for the job rather than the job opportunity. 

However, Facebook have got a valid argument as there is a void for ‘internal work productivity’ sites. Professional networking is a natural progression for Facebook too especially since the number of working professionals is a very large market. It makes sense for Facebook to tap into this and expand. 

Therefore, on reflection it perhaps won’t be a fight between the two companies but instead a question of both sharing the space. 

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