I chose OMBS because I wanted a more rounded education after school than university could provide.

Course Overview

In the working world practical hands-on skills are the key to success and the best jobs go to those who can demonstrate an ability to perform from day one. This is why all of our courses are designed with this in mind.


Course Name

9 months

Executive PA Diploma – starting September

There are no external examinations at OMBS – every student is continually assessed from day one in each of their subjects.  Each student has a 6 weekly appraisal which outlines their performance and progress to date.  At the end of each course Diplomas are awarded based on students achieving the following:

Distinction with Honours – each subject grade must be a minimum of 80% plus attendance of 95% and over

Distinction – average of subject grades 75% and over plus attendance of 90% and over

Merit – average of subject grades 60% and over plus attendance of 85% and over

Pass – average of subject grades 50% and over plus attendance of 80% and over.