I can now apply for jobs which I could never have done before. This is exciting and I feel ready to tackle the workplace.
Morgen, 3 term PA Diploma, July 2017 Leaver

Once a student at OMBS, always a student

We are very proud of the fact that students like to keep in touch whether it is because of a job promotion, an engagement, a wedding or just wanting to say hello.  We are always on hand to offer help and advice and love to hear everyone’s news.

Our students can stay in touch directly with the staff but also via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Whatever the news or however you get in touch we always want to hear from all our past students.

OMBS also arrange a Past Students’ Day at the college where graduates return for a day to speak to our current students about the working world and their roles.  This is invaluable and provides our current students the perfect opportunity to ask questions. This year it is being held on Thursday 3 May 2018.  If you are an OMBS graduate and wish to attend please do get in touch.