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7 Ways to Achieve Happiness & Satisfaction in Your Job

Friday February 27 2015

A great website to find career inspiration is There are so many blog postings it’s hard to choose which one to read first. However, this one caught our eye on happiness and satisfaction in your career. Below you will find an overview of the 7 tips provided: 

  1. Discover the Five Cs – It is essential to have a high level of confidence, commitment, conviction, contribution and choose a culture fit. All of these put together give you a feeling of recognition, pride and trust in your company.
  2. Find Purpose in your Work – Once you have been in a job for a while you can get bogged down with all the routine. Find a time to look back at the bigger picture and the ‘why’ or the reason that motivates us to work.  Tapping back into this will make your daily tasks and accomplishments more meaningful. Also try to discover ways your work can improve the lives of others.
  3. Challenge Yourself – This is one way to increase your joy-factor. Perhaps offer to shadow a colleague in another department to learn about a different sector of the company? Alternatively, you could step up and offer to take on a task where you would not normally be accountable? This will create variety but will also score you proactive points as a keen employee.
  4. Look Beyond the Corporate Ladder – Research highlights that 8/10 jobs that make people the happiest are not on the corporate ladder. Instead, jobs that have flexible hours or with a high level of independence create happier people.  Therefore, think about a job that ties in with your values.
  5. Working Toward your Goals – Work hard to improve your skills or abilities. In the short term this may cause some stress but in the long term goal it guarantees a greater happiness on a daily basis. If tasks aren’t enjoyable in the moment, the sense of accomplishment when the task is over changes that perspective. Learning new skills may make you happier but it also makes you a more valuable employee.
  6. Develop a Social Circle – Having a strong social network within the work place is key. It’s easy to hate your job when you don’t know your co-workers and it isn’t easier if you continue to avoid them. So, reach out to them and be curious about their lives. Two people can’t become friends without one of them starting the conversation.
  7. Look for Opportunities for Growth Instead of Failure – If you feel like you are always on the defensive in your job, then take a deep breath and look for an opportunity instead. Take joy in the fact that there is always a new project to start in the workplace. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you work, there is always something new that could be done. Get out of your usual routine and search for new opportunities. Constantly defending your self is draining. You’ll find it much easier (and more pleasant) to look for opportunities to grow instead of making excuses. 

Top tip: Try spending a day giving compliments instead of criticizing. Gaining respect and happiness is easy to accomplish when good will is abundant. Compliments are simple but powerful and it’s important to find ways to recognize others. 

Dr. Laureen Wishom, author of the above article, rounds up by explaining “finding happiness is as much about the decisions and actions you take as it is about having good things happen to you. Remember if you are not enjoying life…change it! Doing the same things today will create the same results tomorrow”.




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